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We are looking for fun, down-to-earth people that want work hard and play hard at a fast casual restaurant in Bear Lake, Utah.  We are looking for grill ninjas, shake creating masters, or anyone that wants to work with an awesome crew.  If this sounds like you please scroll down and fill out an application


*Work Memorial Day through Labor Day.

*housing available (unless already at capacity)

*Free meal each work day

*Starting pay at $10/hour and $15/hour after 40 hours

*Hang out at the beach

*Make a lot of friends

*Come eat delicious shakes

*Overtime available

*All Sundays Off

*One other day off during the week

We’ll reach out to you within a few days after submitting your application 

LaBeau's Employment Application- "Please fill out on a Desktop PC, Laptop or Ipad.  If you fill out on your phone the application won't fill out correctly

Education History

Former Employers

Former Employers

1.  Do you have a Food Handlers Permit?

2.  Why do you want to work at LaBeau's?

3.  Which best describes you?  

A.  You want to work a lot of hours and make a lot of money.
B.  You're more interested in the experience of living at Bear Lake and not being overwhelmed with work

(There is no right or wrong answer.  Everyone comes for a different reason which also can change as the Summer goes on.)

4.  When would be your available start date?

5.  How old are you?

6. Do you have a friend or family member that would be interested in working?

7.  Who referred you to LaBeau's?

8.  Do you need housing?

8.  Do you want to be contacted about your application via EMAIL or TEXT?

We have received your application!

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